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To enter and leave the race course

Relays have to do it in front of the big stage.
For violation 1 minute penalty.

Solo competitors may leave the course at any point, but have to reenter at the same point.

The switch within a relay has to be done by physical contact.
For violation werden 10 Minuten zur effektiven Laufzeit dazugerechnet.

The start will be done in blocks

  1. Block Solo runners
  2. Block Relays

End of the race

Will be announced by the speaker. The lap you are in at this time may be completed. The full number of laps will be counted. Within the same number of laps the ranking will be done by time.

At dusk the racetrack will be shortened.

The organizer reserves the right to stop the race any time (for instance due to bad weather conditions)

Right of participation

Solo age 18
relay age 14 (with written permission of parents)

To older participants we recommend a medical check.

Grooming of the track

The organiser reserves the right to neutralise the race for grooming the track after announcement. The snowcat may not be passed during this time


In case of lack of clarity the german version in this website is valid.


Der Veranstalter behält sich das Recht vor, das Rennen im Vorfeld unter Einhaltung einer angemessenen Frist abzusagen. Gründe dafür könnten unter anderem die Witterung, eine zu geringe Teilnehmeranzahl oder Ähnliches sein. Bereits angefallene Anmelde-Gebühren werden in diesem Fall zu 100% rückerstattet.