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Infos werden für den Bewerb 2023 noch aktualisiert!

Entrance and exit of the race track

Relay members have to enter and leave the race course only at the designated point (see map).
For violation 1 minute is added to your running time.

Solo runners can leave the race course at any point. But they have to reenter at the same point.

The switch within a relay has to be done by physical contact.
For violation deduction of 200 m from the overall running distance.

The start will be done in blocks

  1. Block Solo runners
  2. Block Relays

The end of the race

Will be indicated by a gun shot. After that you can finish the lap you are on. The full number of laps will be counted. In case of same number of laps, the time will decide.

At dawn the race track will be shortened.

The organiser takes the right to stop the race at any time (e. g. due to bad weather conditions).

Right of participation

Solo beginning with majority age (18 years).
Relay beginning with 14 years (submitting a written permission of parent or guardian).

To elder participants we recommend to do a medical check.