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Covid 19 & Others

Infos werden für den Bewerb 2023 noch aktualisiert!

Covid situation from 2022.02.04

After consultation with the district authority, we received the green light to carry out the race. It is currently certain that the 3G regulation will apply on the day of the race (vaccinated, recovered, tested).

Covid situation from 2022.01.29

As announced today, the maximum number of participants at gatherings, including sporting events, has been increased to 50 people. Apart from that, it is also permissible to hold several meetings in one place at the same time.

From today's perspective, nothing seems to stand in the way of the 12-hour Bärnkopf race. There will also be no direct contact on the cross-country ski trail, because if you assume 50 runners who are on the track at the same time, everyone is more than 80 m away from the next one. The 3G rule will probably apply on the day of the race itself.

We will keep you informed of any further changes or relaxations at this point.

Access control
Status 2022.02.04 (possibly subject to change):

  • Each athlet has to pick up the bib personally in order to proof his covid status. The bib is your access authorisation.
  • Visitors and coaches have to proof their covid status at the entrance.

We will inform you about any further changes at this point

Pitches for mobile homes or tents near the race track can be booked together with the registration for seperate payment. First come first serve for reservations.